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Zhuhai Yue Qi biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd public

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The company and all the directors, supervisors and senior management commitment public transfer instructions does not exist false records, misleading statements or major omissions, and will bear the individual and joint legal liabilities for the authenticity, accuracy and integrity.

The person in charge of the company and the person in charge of the accounting work, and the person in charge of the accounting institution shall guarantee the truthfulness and completeness of the financial and accounting information in the public transfer statement.

The small and medium-sized enterprise shares transfer system of limited liability company of the company's shares public transfer made any decision or opinion, did not show the shares of the company or the value of the investor proceeds to make substantive judgment or assurance. Any statement contrary to the statement is a false statement.

According to the provisions of the securities law, the company's business and income changes, the company is responsible for its own, which led to changes in the investment risk, by the investors themselves.

Major event tips

The company specifically reminded investors to pay attention to the following important matters:

First, the controlling shareholder of improper control of risk

As of the date of the signing of the public transfer instructions, natural person Song Jiawu holds 18 million 110 thousand shares of the company shares, representing 48.204% of the total share capital of the company. Song Jiawu as the controlling shareholder of the company, Song Jiawu and Zhou Aiying as the actual controller of the company, the company has an absolute control over the company's business decisions. If the controlling shareholder of the company use its actual control of the company, the company's business decisions, personnel, financial and other improper control, may give the company and other shareholders to bring the risk. Risk of improper control of controlling shareholders.

Two, corporate governance risk

Company in July 2015 is changed into a joint stock company, due to the shares of the company and limited company on corporate governance are quite different, especially small in comparison to the existing scale of the company, new system of corporate governance put forward higher requirements. And the company in the actual implementation of the relevant system to be understood and familiar with a process, corporate governance may be at risk.

Three, new product R & D risk

At this stage in the field of in vitro diagnostics industry in China is in a period of rapid development, new technologies continue to accelerate the emergence of product elimination rate, the market demand is also accelerating the change of new products. At the same time, the research and development of molecular diagnostic products has the characteristics of long cycle, more funds, higher uncertainty and so on. Although the company currently uses the gene chip technology based molecular diagnostic kit products have certain technical advantages, but does not rule out the emergence of new technology to the company's existing products to replace the threat. If the company is unable to stand in the forefront of technology, master the latest technology or judgments of market demand for products appear the wrong direction, the company may be due to backward technology products or types of products does not meet the market demand and future business performance of the company produced adverse effects.